The Weaving Book: Patterns and Ideas

by Helene Bress

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The Weaving Book

The Weaving Book - Inside


The Weaving Book is here!

The boat came in, the truck has been unloaded, and we have freshly minted copies of The Weaving Book in stock.

What is the price? Same as it was in the '80s. $65.00 plus Shipping. (Shipping looks to be under $5 in the US.) We are currently offering a special price of $39.95 + $5 Shipping for US customers!

What is the new ISBN number? 9781886388253

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Buy one copy of The Weaving Book for $39.95 + $5 shipping. US Only.

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That's about all of the new news for today.

The Weaving Book is back! A number of years ago when we ran out of copies, we thought we could do a simple reprint. The catch was that no one knew where the original plates went that were used to print the book. The Weaving Book was originally published many, many years ago by Charles Scribner's Son's. It was later sold to another publisher. At the time of its last printing, my father cut a deal to get a significant portion of the print run. Shortly after, the publisher made him an offer to take the last remaining copies. During this time, the plates disappeared into warehouses (or the trash) somewhere.

Our printer thought that they could just scan and reprint, but test prints came out looking pretty lousy. We tried a bunch of different ways to scan and enhance in order to do a simple reprint, but the method used to design the book nearly 30 years ago didn't lend itself to being copied. It did make it affordable to print, which was the only consideration in those deep, dark days before computers did all of the book design.

We just happened to have most of the original photos for the book tucked away in our warehouse, meaning hidden and forgotten. Dan got his hands on them and tried scanning the old photos to see how they held up. With the help of a ton of computers and image processing software, they held up pretty well. In fact, most of them looked far better than the originals! The good looking photos caused a cascade of work, as Dan wanted the text to look equally good, then, while he was at it, figured that he could do a more interesting design on the book than he was allowed to 30 years earlier. We hope that you like the results

Below are a few samples of the newly designed pages. To really get a feel how the book will look, we have also posted PDF files of these pages so that you can see them at their full resolution, along with scans of the original book to serve as a point of comparison. The downloads are a little big, so please be patient.

Now on to the pages.

To download the PDFs, click on the page that you would like to see from this list. Left click to view, right click to download and save or print.

Page 8    New        Old

Page 18  New        Old

Page 21  New        Old

The following pages are a preview of what to expect from the new book.



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